Birch Street Music/E.A.R. Recordings

Digital Marketing Services

Birch Street Music has partnered with top digital marketing company E.A.R. Recordings to offer services to clients looking to cut through the noise, build your audience and increase engagement. As your presence grows, opportunities should follow.

Services include:

Spotify Optimization:

• Our A&R team determines song quality and viability for the platform • Your music is submitted to curated playlists dependent on your genre and the song’s style. Access to hundreds of playlists.

Spotify streams increase:
$500 - 10,000
$750 - 50,000
$1,250 - 100,000
$1,750 - 200,000
$2,750 - 500,000

YouTube Optimization:

Do you have a video you think the world needs to see? Reach levels of views and engagement (likes, comments, bookmarks, playlists) that are difficult to obtain on your own.

YouTube views and engagement:
$500 - 10,000
$750 - 25,000
$1,250 - 50,000
$1,750 - 100,000
$2,250 - 250,000
$3,750 - 500,000
$6,250 - 1,000,000

Instagram Engagement:

Inclusion on highly coveted Growth Pods and daily Instagram Engagement. All real followers and engagement. Get the added boost your content deserves.

$1000 per month

Facebook Advertisement Campaign:

Have a seasoned marketing veteran generate traffic to your website and run re-targeting campaigns to sell merchandise, generate more brand awareness and engagement.

$1000 per month

Additional funds required for FB advertising will be budgeted and discussed as needed on a monthly basis.

Traditional Press/Blogs

• Your music or video content submitted to popular blogs for your genre/style and traditional press. This is especially handy when seeking an exclusive premiere partner for your single/video.

Cost: $400


Amp Live

  • Content creation platform for artists and discovery tool for music execs.

  • In-studio performances filmed for use on youtube, website, instagram, and pitching to booking agents. Artist owns all content.

  • Videos are posted to Amp Live instagram page to be viewed by dozens of music industry execs.

$400/song for in-studio performances and posting

Bundled Service Packages

10% off services when simultaneously purchased.


Establishing Artist Repertoire has been making inroads in the marketing world for 10 years. We are innovative and seasoned marketing professionals with experience handling the needs of a variety of clients. Our work in the Entertainment industry has demonstrated significant achievement, and garnered lasting results, and we hope to provide you with outstanding services for your business. Some of our clients have included Pitbull, MAGIC!, Grandson, Xenia Ghali, Tristan Wells, Betty Idol, DJ Chose, Sophie Beem, Imaj, Abrina, Dice Soho, OG Ron C & The Chopstars, Chopcloud, Beatking, ESG, Chlo Subia, Sydney Jaffe, Trakksounds, JaynFresh, Mayberry, & 93.7 The Beat (KQBT).

Birch Street Music is a full-service artist development company that throughout the years has assisted clients Beyonce, Solange, Maddie & Tae, Chloe & Halle, Watch The Duck, and many others. See more at